Cameron Highlands Weather & Seasons Guide

Cameron Highlands is renowned for its cold weather due to its natural geographic location. Here, the cold weather is the main reason why there are tourists and visitors who come here throughout the year. Malaysians from all walks of life like to come to Cameron Highlands mainly to escape the warm and humid weather in […]

What to do in your holiday apartment

Planning a holiday at an apartment will only work if you have activities in place. Otherwise, the entire group will only be sitting around doing nothing most of the time and next thing you know, its time to go home. Board games You could even bring your own mahjong set if you want to and […]

Perfect time to visit Cameron Highlands

Planning a visit to anywhere is not easy especially if you are going to a different location as compared to your usual city and towns. Cameron Highlands is naturally in the mountains which means you need to do some groundwork before coming. Perfect time of the year to come If Cameron Highlands is in your […]

Cameron Pasar Malam

In Cameron Highlands, you must not miss the Pasar Malam located in Brinchang town. This is actually the night market and is where you can find a lot of interesting local products. The Pasar Malam comes around usually during Fridays and Saturdays where it starts around 6.00pm and goes on until about 9.30pm. Besides that, […]

Best Strawberry farms to visit in Cameron

Strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands are very popular mainly because of its cold weather which is ideal for growing this fruit. When visiting Cameron Highlands, there is several strawberry farms located around here which let you experience how strawberries are planted and produced. Are strawberries very popular in Cameron Highlands? Yes, because of its cold […]

Towns & Transport to and from Cameron Highlands

Brinchang is the most happening town in Cameron Highlands with the night market or pasar malam being the main attraction and most tourists are here for this night market. Tanah Rata is strategically located within the heart of Cameron Highlands where it is ‘sandwiched’ between the two major towns of Ringlet on one end and […]

Tea Plantations Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highland enjoy the cold weather throughout the year by virtue of its elevated location in the highlands of Pahang. As such, it is perfect for the growing of certain products like strawberries, vegetables and most notably tea. In fact, Cameron Highlands is one of the largest producers and suppliers of tea in the country. […]