Ecoba has been around a while now, but only recently has it started an authentic—and really rather good—Pub Quiz. Having discovered Trivia Tuesdays recently, Ecoba Restaurant & Bar has suddenly become a place that is firmly on the radar. It is strategically located in PJ Trade Centre and is an attractively-designed bar with an organic, natural wood theme. The outdoor spaces to relax are friendly and airy with enjoyable seating and the food is unique with something for the everyone in the family.

Service is very good and the space lends itself to a multitude of pleasures, including post-work drinks, family gatherings, parties and now the Pub Quiz. I went with relatively low expectations as I used to attend quizzes at least weekly back in London. However, this was exceptional. Not only were the questions a good mix of challenging but with many gettable, the winners of each round gets a jar of beer, plus the overall top three teams get prizes. And, best of all, it only costs RM20 to enter, which comes with a free jug of beer. Normally that alone would set you back RM48. What’s not to love?

Popularised by New York’s famed Momofuku Milk Bar, further propagated by Korean culture, milk soft serve ice creameries are popping up all over.

We feel this also falls into the breakfast-turned-dessert category: Organic milk is whipped into a silky soft serve with toppings that range from honey comb to cereal.

Nitrogen smoke and fanfare aside…this kinda tastes similar to good-ole McDonald’s ice cream cones.  But, we’re going to have to say it is probably a lot healthier.

Coconut ice cream

Saturating the social media space at the moment is coconut ice cream made popular by the indie-business (now franchised) Sangkaya. Originally a Thai street dessert, coconut cream (santan) is frozen, made into ice cream and heaped into an empty coconut shell with a bed of coconut flesh.

We like how you can mix and match toppings, and particularly enjoy the combination of the smooth rich flavours of the ice cream, mixed with textured cornflakes or roasted coconut flesh and roasted peanuts.