Cameron Pasar Malam

In Cameron Highlands, you must not miss the Pasar Malam located in Brinchang town. This is actually the night market and is where you can find a lot of interesting local products. The Pasar Malam comes around usually during Fridays and Saturdays where it starts around 6.00pm and goes on until about 9.30pm. Besides that, the Pasar Malam comes around on eve of public holidays and festivals as well as during the peak seasons of the year like school holidays as well.

At the Pasar Malam, you will find a lot of food and snacks. There are many Chinese stalls selling snacks like potato balls and such while for Muslims, there are halal food available by the Malay sellers. This is the same place where you can find a lot of local produce at affordable prices like honey, strawberries and fresh flowers too.

There are a lot of parking spaces available around the Pasar Malam but you might want to come early to avoid having to park further away. This should not be a problem as you can take a stroll amidst the cool weather of the highlands. Locating the Pasar Malam is very easy as you can easily find it next to Brinchang Square just opposite the Brinchang Police Station.