Crown Imperial Court Apartments Cameron Highlands

The Crown Imperial Court Apartments in Brinchang one of the latest additions to the range of accommodation choices of Cameron Highlands. Located within reach of the Brinchang town centre, the Crown Imperial Court would be anyone’s preferred choice of accommodation as it is convenient and very well-equipped.

From Brinchang town, you can easily spot the Crown Imperial Court because it is the highest apartment block here. As such, you will naturally get the best views of the surroundings from any unit of the apartment. From the balcony, you will oversee the landscape and a breath-taking bird’s eye view of the town below. In fact, you will be the first to know when the infamous Brinchang pasar malam comes around at nightfall. Besides that, the peaceful and lush golf course not far from here can be seen as well.

At the Crown Imperial Court, you get to enjoy the best amenities of Brinchang and Cameron Highlands. There are several rows of shops offering food, local produce, souvenirs and groceries located just next to the apartment building as well as fast food restaurants and banks.

The highlight here would surely be the Pasar Malam which usually starts around 3.00pm each day. This is where you will find fresh strawberries, newly picked fruits and fresh vegetables which you can buy and cook at the comfort of your own apartment. Besides that, you can buy snacks, honey from the be bee farms and the most popular tea products at the market which is at arm’s length of the apartment.

Big Apartments with facilities

The unit comes with 3 rooms which is ideal for groups of friends or a family of 8 to have an enjoyable vacation. There are 2 bathrooms in every unit which comes with hot shower and standard equipment for everyone.

Every unit here comes with standard facilities that include LED television installed with satellite stations, free Wi-Fi internet access, a mah-jong table for card and board games as well as water heater.

For the best convenience, you will enjoy these units which are located directly in front of the lift units of the respective blocks.

If you plan to self-drive here, each unit comes with a private and dedicated parking space while there are ample spaces for additional vehicles.

From each unit, you will enjoy the breath-taking and magnificent views that face either Brinchang town or the surrounding rich tropical forest.

There is a large balcony in every unit for you to enjoy a cup of tea within the cool weather of Cameron Highlands.

Each unit here can fit at least 8 people comfortably.

From the apartment, you will hear the setting up stalls when the Pasar Malam comes around. To get here, you are only a few steps away.

For those who are looking for a game of golf in the cold weather, you can drive to the nearest golf course which is only 5 minutes away.

If you plan to visit the local attractions like strawberry farms and fresh markets, you can do so which will only be 5 minutes-drive away.

Pasar Malam Brinchang

At Brinchang town, you will surely hear about the very popular Pasar Malam which comes on every weekend. On Fridays and Saturdays, you will hear the clanking of stalls and equipment as early as 3.00pm which goes on until about 9.30pm. Besides that, the pasar malam comes around during peak seasons like the eve of public holidays, school holidays and other festivals.

At the Pasar Malam, you will find a lot of different exciting items. This is where you will find Chinese food stalls that sells snacks while there are Halal food available from the Malay stalls as well. As one of the most popular tourist attractions here, you will find that the peak hours around 8.00pm will be quite crowded. However, there are ample parking spaces located not far from the spot.

Located beside Brinchang Square, you can easily see the market coming up which is just opposite the Brinchang Police Station. The Apom Balik stall is among the most popular ones here while you can find a lot of stalls selling fresh produce like vegetables and flowers. If you are looking for affordable souvenirs and crafts, the pasar malam would be your best place to start as well.

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