Best Strawberry farms to visit in Cameron

Strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands are very popular mainly because of its cold weather which is ideal for growing this fruit. When visiting Cameron Highlands, there is several strawberry farms located around here which let you experience how strawberries are planted and produced.

Are strawberries very popular in Cameron Highlands?
Yes, because of its cold weather, strawberries grow very well in the natural surroundings of Cameron Highlands.

Why can strawberries grow in Cameron Highlands?
The weather plays an important role for strawberries to grow in Cameron Highlands. They can be found in various plantations and nurseries. Strawberries are commonly grown with fertigation techniques with rain shelters in open areas.

Why are strawberries so popular?
It is a fruit that most people will love. They are used to make jams, ice cream and several unique products including chocolates too. On top of that, one of the major tourist attractions in Cameron Highlands is its strawberry farms.

Are strawberries from Cameron Highlands sent elsewhere?
Yes. They are supplied to supermarkets around the country. Besides that, strawberries produced here are also exported to neighboring countries like Singapore.

What can you do at the strawberry farms?
You can pick your own strawberries, take pictures or find out how they are planted. There will also be shops where you can buy fresh strawberry jams, enjoy ice-cream and buy souvenirs too.

Where are the strawberry farms located?
You should be able to find them in Tringkap, Brinchang, Tanah Rata, Ringlet and Kea Farm.

How much are strawberries in Cameron Highlands?
Under normal circumstances, you should be able to buy 1 kg of strawberries between RM30 and RM35. However, the price has dropped recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are the farms open for visits all year long?
Yes, you can visit the farms throughout the year. However, take note of the peak seasons like public holidays, long weekends and school holidays where there might be a large crowd of visitors. Hence, it would be advisable to plan your visits to the strawberry farms.

Do I need to pay to visit a strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands?
Most farms do not charge any entrance fee which means you can visit them for free. However, if you would like to pick your own fruits, then a nominal fee might be charged. You are also encouraged to purchase items from the shops that operate in those farms.

Healthy Strawberry Farm

Located in between the town of Brinchang and Tanah Rata and right beside Cameron Highlands Resort, the Healthy Strawberry Farm cameron can be reached from the main road of the town. It is one of the largest strawberry farms here where you get to see how this fruit is planted or shop for jams and other produce at the gallery here. The very popular Cameron Highlands Golf Club is located here which displays the beautiful scenery of this hill station or you can visit the strawberry café.

Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm

Raaju’s Hill is located at the ridge-to in Kea Farm which is now far from Brinchang town. Here, you get to pick your own strawberries which are determined by weight or you can buy the fresh picks of the day. The café here serves local, fresh tea and comes with a cool selection of pastries for you to enjoy.

S’Corner Central Market

This farm is located in Kea Farm where you can buy strawberry products while it is known to grow mushrooms too. You can actually browse through the vegetable market here or buy some items at the souvenir shops around the vicinity.

Blueberry Earthouse

The Blueberry Earthouse is located not far from Kea Farm in Brinchang. Besides strawberries, it is quite a popular place for its blueberries and fresh vegetables.

Big Red Strawberry Farm

You can experience strawberry planting at the Big Red Strawberry Farm which is known for its organic vegetables as well. The farm is located on a hill slope that overlooks the town of Brinchang where it has a products shop, a café to enjoy fresh tea and you get to pick your own strawberries too.

Kok Lim Strawberry Farm

Located in between the town of Brinchang and Kea Farm, the Kok Lim Strawberry Farm can be reached from the main road of the town. It is one of the most convenient strawberry farms here where you get to see how this fruit is planted or shop for jams and other produce at the gallery here. The very popular Time Tunnel Cafe is located here which displays the historical images of this hill station or you can visit the Time Tunnel café and the vegetable market as well.

金马伦高原的凉爽天气为游客门在高地上全天候漫游和参观草莓农场提供了绝佳环境。你将会惊奇地发现草莓是以无土水培方式生长, 高高的挂在木架上。尽管金马伦高原多到数不过来, 但建议只需参观几家有名的草莓农场, 如: Healthy Strawberry Farm, Mountain Strawberry Farm, Kasimanis’s Strawberry Farm, Big Red strawberry farm和Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm。

当到达草莓园时就要做好准备, 因为在园里你可以采摘大小、形状各异的草莓, 最后供应商会按照你所采摘的草莓具体定价。在这里建议您多采些个头大的草莓, 因为大点的草莓吃起来更甜。在草莓园里, 孩子们还可以全方位了解关于草莓的知识。除此之外, 在草莓园游客们还能品尝到各种各样由草莓制作的美食料理, 像是草莓奶昔、草莓冰淇淋、腌制草莓,、草莓冰沙等。草莓糖浆尤其甜美多汁。沿着主道从丹那拉打驾驶至碧兰璋, 经过高尔夫球场后转弯, 便到达Kasimanis’s Strawberry Farm。