Tea Plantations Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highland enjoy the cold weather throughout the year by virtue of its elevated location in the highlands of Pahang. As such, it is perfect for the growing of certain products like strawberries, vegetables and most notably tea. In fact, Cameron Highlands is one of the largest producers and suppliers of tea in the country.

Boh Plantations

The Boh brand is the top name usually mentioned when it comes to tea. The brand is owned by Boh Plantations where this market leader owns and operates 3 plantations in Cameron Highlands. Besides that, it has other plantations in the country including 1 in the state of Selangor.

The Sungai Palas Tea Plantation is one of the top tourist attractions of Cameron Highlands. This is located around the norther parts of Brinchang in which you can visit the Tea Centre while the Sungai Palas Visitor Centre is where you can enjoy a great view and a sip of this famous tea as well as buy some products to take home.

Another plantation operated by Boh is at Fairlie Garden in Habu which was the first land bought by JA Russell, the founder of Boh.

Bharat Tea Plantations

This is another tea brand which is very popular here. In fact, it is the second largest tea producer after Boh under the Bharat Tea Plantation name. Known as the Cameron Valley Tea Plantation, this was established in 1933 where the Cameron Valley tea brand continues to be one of the top names among the locals as well as Malaysians from all walks of life.

The Cameron Valley tea plantation is another top tourist attractions which is located around the Tanah Rata region. Apart from this plantation, Bharat operates another plantation in Tringkap town which is further away which is mainly involved in the production of the ‘Cameron Valley’ tea brand.