What to do in your holiday apartment

Planning a holiday at an apartment will only work if you have activities in place. Otherwise, the entire group will only be sitting around doing nothing most of the time and next thing you know, its time to go home.

Board games

You could even bring your own mahjong set if you want to and enjoy a night of innocent ‘gambling’. Some apartments come with a carrom board or better still, plan ahead. Bring your own board games like Cluedo, Uno or Monopoly.

Watch football or catching a movie

This is something you need to plan in advance. Silverstar apartments offer Astro channels. Some units come with the sports channels (like Fox and Astro Sport). Get a group together and then watch live football games while enjoying some snacks. Perfect!

Cook your own food

One of the best past times when it comes to holidaying is when you are cooking as a group. The process of buying stuff and cooking in the apartment is fun enough. What more if you have a group of people doing this together. Another cool option is to do your own home-made steamboat.

You should know that steamboat in cold weather is extremely delicious. After all, seafood lasts longer in the chill-box (bring your own) especially in the cool weather of Cameron Highlands. You need to bring your own utensils and condiments although you might be able to get fresh seafood, meat and super-fresh vegetables from the local stores here.

What about drinks?

Hot drinks would be best. You can get the best tea here in Cameron Highlands. The same goes for coffee lovers too. However, if you are into alcohol (non-Muslims), you can bring your own beer or wine in your own chillbox. Otherwise, just leave them in the balcony and they will be chilled enough to enjoy after a few hours.

Do nothing

Cameron Highlands is perhaps one of the naturally-rich locations in Malaysia. this is where you can just sleep in the apartment, not doing anything and enjoy the cool air. This relaxes your body and mind as you do not need air-conditioning (chemicals) or fan and no noise or air pollution too.